Fiestas Patrias

For the last five days, the entire country has been in celebration… September 18th is the Chilean 4th of July. There have been “fondas” all over Santiago – think about a Summerfest happening in each of the biggest parks around the city. Thousands of people, music, food, dancing, drinks.

I had my first terremoto – which is basically a fermented wine mixed with some sort of alcohol and grenadine and then topped with pineapple ice cream. It’s dubbed the “terremoto” (earthquake) because it hits you so hard… so, yes, I had only one! We ate anticuchos which are basically deliciously seasoned shishkabobs of meat and veggies.

It’s always so beautiful to see people uniting. The Chilean flags were flying everywhere, everyone smiling, dancing, and celebrating all things Chilean.


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